Narcissist Is a Chief Deceiver and Liar 👿 | Spoken Word by Anna Szabo #NARCISSIST [2018]

The Narcissist’s primary agenda in life Is to sneakingly get away with something He can even set out to get himself a whole new wife. If, in an ego boost for him, resolves that hunting.

The Narcissist is a Chief Deceiver and Liar To lure you into his premeditated deception.

He will go to a great length.

He needs desperately for someone him to admire Without praise, admiration and compliments.

He has no strength.

It’s, because the Narcissist has a very fragile ego.

No one and nothing is important to him but praise When the Narcissist is pursuing you.

It can be very intriguing, But only until he quickly ends that short term happy phase After the Narcissist had successfully lured.

You He resorts to just being himself and eating you alive.

His mistakes and faults start being projected by him on you And at that point he wants nothing less than your very life. .

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