Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Coaching Program-Healing in 12 Weeks

Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Program my name is Lisa A Romano and I am the
breakthrough lifecoach like the best-selling author and primarily I'm
somebody who is passionate about helping adult children from dysfunctional homes
heal their childhood trauma way back when twenty fifteen years ago I was
diagnosed with clinical depression I was going through a very difficult divorce
and I needed help I was developing chronic illnesses like migraine
headaches as my eyes started to experience severe panic attacks
tachycardia hi couldn't sleep insomnia my hair was falling out I would go back
and forth between eating way too much for not eating enough and my life is
really falling apart when I went to therapy I was shocked when the therapist
said to me you know your clinically depressed but you're depressed because
you're co-dependent and your co-dependent because you were raised by
two undercover adult children of alcoholics I mean I was floored I never
really put together in my life the idea that something that happened in
my parents had affected me and was now showing up not only in my marriage but
in a way that I was even parents who went on children and so when he asked me
the question is really alcoholism and your family I said no my parents don't
drink and he said that's not what I asked you I asked if there was any
alcoholism and your family and his question was like a razor like hot razor
like you know being run through a stick of butter narcissistic abuse recovery seared music is a very intelligent man
asking me a question that I just answered and I thought I answered
correctly but in fact I haven't because the truth was well set of my parents
were alcoholics and so were my uncles and my parents then were raised by
alcoholics so I would so throughout the generations I had been affected by
alcoholism and the effects of alcoholism and I never made the cut and so I left there that day terrified
because I didn't know what it meant to be and it started me on to a path that
I've never ever since like a highly outcome depends he was all about
actually helped me create my new life when I realized I was co-dependent
online then husband and I was going to panic because my parents are
co-dependent and their parents are co-dependent and that I was more afraid
of what other people thought about me then I was about my own self pieces of
the puzzle began to say it I now knew why I feel so insecure I now know why I
never had a sense of self I grew up feeling invisible I couldn't connect to
my parents couldn't connect to my parents but they were unable to connect
to their parents so I was denied I was denied this grounding to my parents
especially my mother because she had so many issues and I've since they got it
worked all that out now I do what I do so now my life codes for adult children
of alcoholics and adult children who have been abused by a narcissistic
parents especially I help adult children growing up being invisible and unworthy get help for your narcissistic abuse the trauma that created the believes
that eventually became the childhood brainwashing and programming that has
taken over their lives so I've been asked I have just a couple of points and
i'm looking ahead to make sure that I give you exactly the information and I'm
seeking to give you so when asked why I made this country program as a life
coach especially after the road back to me and was released I began to get
emails from people who related to story and I wrote the road back to me from the
child's perspective because I understood what happened to me along the way I felt
invisible and so I wasn't paying attention to my feelings and so what
ended up happening in my life I marry someone who didn't pay attention to my
feelings as I wrote me to help trigger your feelings and I got asked you coachable and then I certified life coach and that's really
how my my whole career has evolved and I i the past you know couple of years I
get so many emails from people who want me to coach them because I have two
hundred-plus YouTube videos I simply can't coach everybody and I decided to
create a program that I could actually that I could actually make available so
anyone who wanted to benefit from a step program concise healing program that
that is based on the basis that I teach at their residence where I could
actually create this program and I could help sell it out and make it available
to lots of people and not just the few select people that are able to coach so
made this program so I could really reach a lot of people instead of just a
few because I feel so terrible when I tell someone I'm sorry I simply can't
get you into my coaching calendar I'm really feel that because the latter is
located just heart-wrenching as less one reason this program another reason is
because this program is actually a she works so I figured out why it is we are
the way we are and what we need to do to change it and I make it available in 12
weeks actually twelve twelve lessons you label you're able to digest this program
covers why will what went wrong why you are the way you are it covers how you have to become
accountable for showing up in your life now and how to a central childhood
programming you can start off with you learning that is not your fault that you
you are entitled to a divine connection that went awry and it ends up with you
be able to ascend it all and and how do you kinda like makes us
because your comments as well as emotional so we have to appeal to both
sides of your brain or really any spiritual side you to actually
experience the true recovery experience in program just gotta check my notes
this point this program is so important and so needed because most therapies are
cognitive and not spiritual most if you go to a spiritual practice traditional
healer you adjust the spiritual nature of what what's been wounded but you
won't adjust the psychological nature what's been new wit you might not
understand the biological component to being wounded and so my program
addresses all facets of you mind body and soul so you're not just going to
heal on its offensive level you do not understand how it easy and how I learned
to respect for you are on a solo or an codependent counselling energetic level for those of you who are
struggling with the soul to God things through thing I totally get it it's
going to address what happens in the body when trauma occurs it's going to
address the pain vs pleasure principle the travel and see what's happening to
us codes and how to ascended and how to become the master of future reality you
know mine you know just this little this little desire that I have for my
existence my personal reason for being is to be able to help spread love light
on this planet in as many ways as I possibly can while I'm here and it was
becoming an alignment learning how to comment on line with my true self that
opened me up to becoming enlightened and narcissistic abuse then because I just covered myself I was
able to help other people discovered their self their cells and their lives
improved the lives of their children improve my grandchildren improve and
then they went out to their communities and neither do I amazing light work and just just follow
your heart to the planet is benefiting so the secret hope mine's that lot lot
of people get here and lots and lots of lights are found and born and our planet
becomes better place because of coaching program like this because I saw my life
and I hope to see yours so that's who I am and that's why I created this
coaching program and I really just value your time because so much spending this
this few minutes with me now I stay about love and life and you buy narcissistic abuse healing

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